Saturday, April 14, 2012

Family Empowerment Consultant's Development Plan (PowerPoint)



  1. Celia,
    You did a good job providing reasons for an employee development plan. Especially reason number 5, which deals with the value of communication, interpersonal and positive outlooks and identifying with FEC’s goals. I would have liked more details on how you would collect information and provide feedback using the assessments. How would your benchmarks be determined?

    Coaching will be a very effective development tool for your consultants. I also liked the fact that you’re looking to change the climate of your company to being more positive. Developing a Positive climate through collaboration, coaching and training is worth the time and money spent.

  2. Dr. Mike,

    Thank you. Being that my independent contractors are very positive outgoing professionals I just want to inform them on ways why positivity is important to the mission and goals of the company and as we relate to our clients. They have their own reasons for being positive, personal an professional, but I hope to make the connections between that trait, skill and FEC.